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About Us

This site was developed out of a frustration with another meeting site, which will remain nameless. I didn't want the writers' group that I run to suffer, so I created this website to allow people to RSVP for meetings.

Naturally, finding a name proved to be difficult, as all of the obvious names have already been taken either by legitimate meeting sites or by domain name resellers. So, I asked a friend and colleague of mine, Alejandra de la Torre, who was born and raised in Mexico, the following question:
I'm looking for a Spanish word for "gathering" in the sense that a group of people are gathering together to meet about a common interest.
This was her response:
I would think you can use "juntarnos" which means "we gather"

If you want to say: We are gathering together to learn rumba. You could say: nos juntamos a aprender rumba

Or "nos podemos juntar a aprender rumba?" can we get together to learn rumba?

Every Saturday we have a gathering at the club to talk about books will be "todos los Sábados nos juntamos en el club para hablar (discutir have a discussion) acerca de los libros"
It was exactly what I was looking for!

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